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Sterillium 5 Ltr Cat# BLS12219

Recommended for Hand disinfection in injection manufacturing units, ointments, “critical” Sterillium is a proven Hand Disinfectant with skin protecting factor. It has passed the EN Norms of Hand Hygiene, EN 1499, EN 1500, EN 12791 and EN 12054. It has also been tested by US FDA (TFM). Sterillium has a proven kill rate of 99.999% on all transient flora and also reduces residual flora of hands. It has been registered in 54 countries including UK and U.S.A. and has been used for more than 40 years worldwide. It guarantees minimization of contamination and control of bio burden, and is proven efficacious against 70 different strains of bacteria (gram +ve and gram –ve), 14 antibiotic resistant strains, 6 types of mycobacteria, 7 types of fungi, 16 types of viruses, including HCV, Avian Flu, Adeno, Sars and Swine Flu. Rub with 3ml Sterillium on hands for 30 secs for complete disinfection.
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  • Model: BLS12219
  • Manufacturer: Raman&Well

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